One of the reasons I entered back into sharing life through an online domain is because I have learned so many things because of others sharing their lives or information online.  I am thankful that they do!  I do believe that in-person face-to-face community is the best way to do life together.  However, because I live overseas (and let's be honest, also because this is the day and age of social media inundating us), I do seek information from the world wide web! Here, I share some of the links I have benefitted from, and I hope you might glean from others the way I have. 

I do not endorse every single thing from these people, companies, sites, or links,

but I have found some good from them. 


We all must learn to find the good, appreciate it, learn and grow.  Seek out the good and find it.  If you find something you question, that's good and wise to work through it and process it.  But, I do encourage you to look for the gold and do not allow the hiccups or little specks of dirt to take your eyes off of what might help and encourage you.  Please do the same my site and the information I share with you.  I will not always get it right, but my heart desires to share gold--not junk. 


Please contact me personally if you ever have any questions or concerns.