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Books I Read - 2023

Updated: Jan 25

I don't read fiction. The only time I did was when required in school (even then I tried hard to just skim, use cliff notes, etc). Then right after marriage--I wanted new friends in a new city and was invited to a book club...I enjoyed fiction then, but I read for the friends. Now I read for fiction. So there is that--no fiction on here! I do enjoy reading, learning, and growing though. And, the biggest thing is I read my Bible. I love my Bible. here are the few books I read in 2023!

I recommend all of the books I read in 2023.

6 of them were re-reads--I'll try to note that--says a lot when I re-read.

2 are devotional/prayer books.

2 are Bible studies.

9 are personal growth & development (I like that better than "self-help") books.

1 is different--about culture, anthropological, unique

Here they are! I recommend them all! Click on the picture of the book to go to Amazon.

These first 2 are devotionals:

I'm not the biggest "devotional" person. I am more of a "read-the-Bible-with-a-journal-and-pray-on-your-own" kind of girl, but these two devotionals are just so very good. I did them in 2023.

Prayer--daily. I love this and might have read it and prayed daily for my kids like 4-5 times. It is really really good. Great to pray, but also I feel like it is formative too. That's how prayer is, though, isn't it?

I have done this one many times. I buy this and give it as a gift. I highly recommend it -- It is now kind of "getting old" in years, but it's still so good. When I read it, I consider it like a "warm-up" to my Bible time in the mornings. I'm doing something different in 2024 though!

These 2 are Bible studies:

A good friend of mine recommended this study a while back...and it had been on my list. It is so so so good. family visited the Holyland January 2023, and doing this study after that visit was all the richer! This is one where I highly recommend watching the videos. This was such a supplement and booster of my faith and personal healing journey. I looked up this link--I noticed it is a #1 best seller in Christian Bible History & Culture.

I absolutely LOVE Colossians. It has had a special place in my heart since January 2012. I purchased this book to do years ago, but just did it this past summer. It's good.

My personal development and growth books of 2023:

I read this one in 2022 and read again in 2023. I was super honored to read with my Revelation Wellness family both times. Already, I'm reading it again this year and facilitating my first group right now! Not only do I recommend you to read this book, I would be SUPER honored if you'd go through it with me. I'll lead another group this fall.

I have been part of she works His way for a few years, and this ministry makes me run hard after Jesus and challenges me no matter what I am doing. They have it all in one book. I especially recommend this for working women--no matter if it is ministry or business or stay at home or vocation or "just paying the bills." If you are a this book! You work for Jesus and others--You will be challenged and spurred on!

I read this with someone in 2023. And though I have already broken free from body shame, this book is full of reminders and helps you stay free. Also...if you struggle with body shame--please, please read it! If you are free--read it and stay free and recommend it and pass it on! Women need to break free from body shame and this is such a great tool for doing so!

This was a re-read for me. Sarala and I read this at the beginning of the year. Definitely a great book to read before moving to college...or putting your kid in college (really any time though). I LOVE books that get people out of their heads, and I love talking "thoughts." This book is SO practical for any person to work on renewing his or her mind and getting out of the spiral!

I'm reading this with my counseling supervision group. We read only one chapter each slow, slow. Each chapter is so short, such a nugget to contemplate. It's an interesting read, and I do love getting to read this with a group of counselors and talk it out. But, if we stopped reading it, I'd finish it...eventually...

So, I actually read this one in 2022...towards the end as I was preparing to "do more better" in 2023. It really is a practical guide! This tool has helped me organize "my stuff." Let me explain better...I've always been organized...this book really helped me get digital and pushed me beyond just the digital, shared calendar to digital notes, digital lists, digital everything...well...almost. But I kept it around for reference and refreshment for most of 2023.

This was a "preorder" for me cause Aundi is so good and her other book, Try Softer is SO good too. This book is GREAT--coming from me as a counselor, a "I-can-do-hard-things" girl, and a recovering perfectionist & people pleaser--all of me needed this book. But really, this book is part of some deep personal embodied healing work I needed desperately in 2023.

I am a mom of TCKs, and they are some of the most important people to me--mine and all the TCKs I get to know. They are some super cool and very unique people! This is a good book for understanding and PRACTICALLY helping TCKs. My older TCKs have also read through this--thankful for an org that passes it out to them and people other than me who help them unstack their grief. Sniff, sniff. Buy it if you are a TCK, a TCK parent, in relationship with a TCK, or if you pray for them (thank you SO much)!!!

I probably shouldn't say I read this book in 2023--I actually "know" this book now. I HAVE to put it on here. I first read it in 2018--for myself & my training personally. This has to be noteworthy--I have led & talked about this book now for 5 years (multiple times a year, doing it again right now, and have journeyed with more than 100 people through this book)! If you want to get free & obedient in your food and/or fitness--get this! I would be SO honored to journey with you!

Last but not least - the different one:

I live in England, and while the US and England share languages (well kind of...yep, for the most part), these two countries are for sure two different cultures. Because language really sets a place apart, it can be quite hidden and confusing what the differences in our cultures are (especially cause I've only been here 2 years)...this book helps bring the differences to light and brings laughter and understanding. It's fun and it's been helpful! It is the reason I do talk about weather in the UK (though when I moved here I declared I would not hyper focus on and talk about the weather)--who knew such a cultural thing?!?!

AND...just because I don't want to wait to share these two and they kind of go in 2023:

Purchased in 2023, and I did start reading it in December...this book is one I will sit and enjoy this year. I am passionately pursuing prayer and going hard after it this year.

The author said this striking quote on Instagram earlier this month, "Prayer is the subject of Jesus’ most audacious promises to us. And yet, the worst-kept secret in church history is that most Christians don’t particularly like prayer." Oh, may it NOT be so!!!

Tyler shares his stories and passion for prayer in this book--I think it helps you like prayer and grow in your prayer life...but REALLY, that doesn't come from a book and learning and reading about prayer. I'd rather you pray than read a book about prayer...but if you want a book on prayer--this is a really good one! The story of his 13 year old self praying and seeing the fruit of that prayer in 8th grade is amazing--I asked my 13 year old to read it.

I would've read it in 2023...but it just came out this month! So, I had to wait, but have already jumped right in! While I was waiting, I devoured all of the resources at It has already been life-changing for me--literally, as I am shaking up my walk with God and finding such renewal--things like fasting, working on practicing Sabbath, and growing in my prayer life.

I want to "apprentice Jesus," and this is a great book for helping me "be with Jesus, become like him, and do as he did." So much goodness. It is #1 Seller--go get it! Apprentice Jesus with me...let me know!

Enjoy!!! And if you have non-fiction books you highly recommend, send them my way!

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