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Fresh Salsa

1kg tomatoes (really ripe/fresh, or variety)

1/2 large onion or 1 small onion (50g)

2 Heaping Tbs of jalapeños (60g) or more/less for spice/taste

Large handful of Cilantro/Coriander (50g)

1 lime (squeezed) (20 - 30mL)

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

Blend in Blender.

That is it...the most simple recipe.

Yet...sometimes I read recipes and I am like I need more details and I wonder what do you mean by this and that. So, I am one of those that likes pictures and videos with

Here are a few of my notes and photos and videos to explain:


—When I lived in India, I used 1kg of the everyday tomatoes--they were so good and tasty all year long--thank you, hot climate! My tomatoes are different here in the UK, and also affect the Indian cooking too. I use a variety of tomatoes in my salsa currently so that they are not all too sweet, not all too expensive, not all bland and unripe. I usually use a mixture of 3 different kinds or so, and it sometimes depends on season or what is available..


—I do fill the blender in order as listed, starting with 1/2 of the tomatoes, the rest of the ingredients, and topping off with the rest of the tomatoes on top. I think this helps keep all the cilantro leaves and stems down but not stuck on the bottom. My blender holds more than 2 liters, 9 cups, and it is filled to the max.


—I usually purchase 100g of cilantro and cut off about half of the top, which means mostly leaves and the narrower stems. I use it--ALL stems too-- no picking/cutting leaves for time sake! I do rinse & drain the cilantro. Sometimes, I toss the bottoms (which still has a lot of leaves). Sometimes we pick those leaves off for use for other recipes in the week or guacamole. Might seem overkill, but here is a video.


—When I blend the salsa, I pulse it with single pulses, not just turning the blender on high and letting it go. We prefer our salsa to be more chunky/similar to pico. Again overkill...but here is a video so you know what I mean.

—When we lived in India, we blended it on high. You can figure out your consistency & texture and how to blend yours. Another video from when we lived in India--I have been sharing this recipe for years!!!

—So, as you can see, you can blend this however you prefer! Speaking of blending...You can also enjoy this as pico and not blend it at all--chop all of it to the size you want! When we made this in much smaller batches (like 1/4 the amount and then 1/2 the amount) years ago, we did hand chop into small pieces and stir. But, now that we consume very large volumes, we blend it!


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