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Identity - Values - Vision - Rhythms -- a tool & resource for you

Psalm 90:12, "So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."

In order to number and plan our days, we must first lay a strong foundation, and I think that foundation is best laid when we know our identity, values, and vision. Here are some sheets that I use on a regular basis to sort through and know myself and know who God wants me to be. I hope this will be helpful for you!

Download PDF • 3.30MB

Download PDF • 4.77MB

I hope you will download and print these sheets and make them your own! Not sure what in the world to do with this? Watch this video below and I talk you through how I use them and give you some examples and help you know how you can think through and process through your identity, values, vision, & them plan for your rhythms.

If you have watched the video, and you still have questions about how to use these sheets, please feel free to email me. I would love to help you get after living life on purpose!


Here are a few of the other tools I have made in the past:


ALSO...a few years ago I shared a sheet I made that helped me with time management:

July - December 2023 CALENDAR:

I made printable calendars for half of the year this year (which includes the identity, values, vision, & rhythms sheets)! Here are the calendars for July - December 2023.

If you print the large version, you will need to count weeks and assemble it, and consider how you do front and back or what you want. These are individual sheets.

2023 large
Download PDF • 12.88MB

If you print the smaller version -- print it exactly AS IS ***FRONT & BACK*** (the formatting has some pages that are upside, but that is so after it is printed & flipped in the printer front and back, you can simply fold each sheet in half and have a booklet calendar. I have been using these little booklets in 2023!

2023 - Jul - Dec for print
Download PDF • 98.85MB

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