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Kombucha Recipe and Tutorial

Gray and I have come to love Kombucha. But, we do not love buying Kombucha--$$$! It actually is easy to make, especially if you get into a rhythm of it. This post is not to convince anyone to drink or love kombucha. If you are like Kom-bu-what?!?!? Google, "what is kombucha?" Ask Siri, "why do people drink kombucha?" "What are the benefits of kombucha?"

I am just sharing our recipe! Here is how we do it at our house!

Step 1: Get a scoby! Make the Kombucha!

First things first! You need a scoby to make kombucha!

1. You can buy a scoby online to get started (even Amazon!).

If you live near us, we will gladly give one to you!

You should have some kombucha (liquid) that comes with your scoby.

Put the scoby and the kombucha in a glass jar.

2. Make a gallon of sweet tea.

  • Boil 14 cups of water.

  • Steep 9 tea bags in water for some time, then remove.

  • Add two cups of sugar and stir.

3. Add the tea to the kombucha in a glass jar and cover with a coffee filter or cheese cloth so it can breathe! It's alive!

4. Let the Kombucha sit for 7-10 days. The caffeine and sugar feeds and grows the scoby and the *probiotics* in the tea. We keep ours on the top of our refrigerator.

5. Drink and enjoy! You can be done right there if you want to drink kombucha in the simplest, easiest way--you will get the probiotic and gut-health benefits! Your kombucha is ready to drink. I recommend straining it and chilling it.


Step 2: Double Fermentation

This is where our recipe/method might be different from others! I must give credit to our friends Dave and Mary, who originally shared this recipe with us in 2018! Actually, while visiting them during a furlough in 2018, we tried their homemade kombucha--our first kombucha--and we watched them make it. Still, credit also goes to my friend Torie, who left a scoby on my doorstep one day last fall--she knew I liked kombucha, had made it in the past, yet had not taken the plunge to begin making our own. We made some a few days later, and we have been making if ever since! Here ya go:

My recipe is for 2 gallons of kombucha, which will make 12-16oz bottles.

You can half that if you are only doing one gallon, or you can make extra puree to freeze--you will only need about half cup if you are making 6-16ox bottles. That will mean you only do this big step once every 2 months!

On Day 7-10...

  • Here is what you need: frozen berries, ginger, lemons, limes.

  • Peel about 500g of ginger and cut into smaller chunks and put in your blender.

  • Squeeze 4 lemons & 2 limes until you have about 1 cup of juice, & add to blender.

  • Add 500g of frozen berries to blender.

  • You will need about 1 cup (a little less) of mixture to fill 12 bottles. Store the rest in freezer bags and it will make kombucha the next 4 weeks so quick and easy!

  • Put about 2 heaping teaspoons of this mixture into glass bottles. ***You can use any glass bottles, glass jars, or other glass bottles that you are able to seal.

*Thanks to my friends that keep me stocked up on bottles--especially Lori and Mom Gainor!

  • Pour the kombucha (I recommend straining, but not necessary) into the glass bottles and seal.

  • Leave out 3-4 days for double fermentation--it will get fizzy like a carbonated drink! ***Leave less days if your house is warmer, more days if it's cooler.

  • Put the Kombucha in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation process. Drink after it is chilled.