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Small Beginnings

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I am overjoyed to be back to sharing life here at My husband gave me the wildest Christmas gift December 25, 2018 (also when I still colored my hair 🤪). He gave me For the whole year of 2018 (since New Years dreaming and planning), I had been dreaming and wondering about what the Lord was calling me to step out in obedience. I had a tiny little notebook that I kept so many of those dreams in--it is still on my desk and such a fun reminder of the seeds of obedience...the seed of Fitness for the Field! My Small Beginnings!

Zechariah 4:10 says, "Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand." My small beginnings...turned into something I could not have ever dreamed! We must embrace the small starts and stay TRUE and obedient in our endeavors. The Lord does rejoice to see something start...and He, only He, knows how it will come to fruition and grow! We must keep the plumb line just as Zerubbabel had to with the temple--we must stay true and aligned and do the work the right way, with no short cuts or quick endeavors! My small beginning was December 25...and read more about how it slowly grew and now I am back!

In June of 2019, I announced the site to the world, and it was merely a blog. I also began posting a workout on YouTube once a month--that originally was for my neighbors in Mumbai. That was my VERY small beginnings--writing a blogpost about once a month, and posting a workout video once a month. That was SO scary and so hard! But I leaped--read about it here!

Then, in 2020, we worked to make that website of able to host a LOT more workout videos, and I got to recording more videos to share--I had all the restlessness of the pandemic and lockdown, and I channeled into Fitness for the Field. It was the fruition of all that dreaming in 2018! And was the host...until it just got bigger than me and my name...

In November of 2021, my friend Torie helped me get it all switched over to I really was scared to death I might lose all the content--haha! I am not tech savy, but Torie loves problem solving, serving, and helping. It happened! A month later when it was all still okay...I split the 2 sites, and put all of my energy into ONLY Fitness for the Field and basically froze the remnants of It has been so good and worth it. I still dream of SO MUCH MORE, but I desire to see this thing stay true to plumb and what the Lord wants from ME--obedience.

Now that there are great rhythms for Fitness for the Field, and I do believe my family has adjusted and transitioned to life in the UK (we moved in November 2021), I am back, and will be writing and sharing more of life here at

I will not be a perfect writer always writing in active voice and proper grammar--I mean do you see how many sentences in this blogpost alone end with prepositions?!?! I might not have great formats that are so fun and easy to read--those high standards might paralyze me and keep me from putting things out into the world--certainly have before.

BUT, I will seek to encourage others and share things that have been good, helpful, and encouraging for me in this journey. I think with practice I will get better. I have so many blogposts, resources, and stories I want to write...for myself, for you, for people I have in mind.

In all my dreaming and planning over these past 5 years, I continue to have 5 main areas that have my heart. They are all intertwined and meshed up together. They flow into each other, and I think I will be passionate about all 5 of them for the rest of my life.



Overseas Living.

Food & Fitness.

Wellness--mental health.

That is what I will be writing about here on this blog and also talking about on my YouTube channel. Hop over there to subscribe to the videos if you are interested, and you will also find them on my blog too! I LOVE journeying with you, and I am so glad you stopped by!

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