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Fitness Teacher Gospel Preacher - Instructor Training

When I first considered becoming a Revelation Wellness Instructor, I was scared out of my mind, mainly because I wondered what in the world would people think of me. You see, though I had already been set free in Christ, had come to find freedom in the areas of food and fitness, and EVEN more, my heart was bursting to help others find this freedom, walk in this freedom, and even join in the journey of setting others free, still, there was one area, where I was not free--the area of seeking the approval of man. I was trapped and it affected every area of my life--I was in bondage to the fear of man--what in the world would others think of me?

BUT God, keep getting louder and stronger calling me to become a fitness teacher, gospel preacher. He was calling me to this, and this calling got so strong that I knew to not do it would be disobedience. Still, I was SO hesitant, wondering what people would think if I took on the label of "fitness teacher." I wanted so many other labels--Bible Teacher, Best Mom, Missionary, Quiet & Submissive Wife, I could go on and on. But, more than labels, I have learned over the years that OBEDIENCE is SO MUCH better (1 Samuel 15:22). We must obey the Lord rather than men (Acts 5:29) obey I did, and I took on this new label, and I have not looked back. Now, I wear it freely and proudly!

So, I became a "fitness teacher, gospel preacher." And, you know what! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! Read more about my testimony of becoming an instructor here.

Might I add that I would never be a fitness teacher apart from being a gospel preacher because like that video says...I would just be "toning muscles instead of bringing hearts alive." No thank you! I am only a fitness teacher because it gives me extra tools for my gospel preaching...and there is something more, something beautiful, and something powerful that comes with moving bodies while sharing truth!

Why would you want to become a fitness teacher, gospel preacher? Because "bad news gets stuck in bodies," and as a fitness teacher, gospel preacher, you can help work it out!!! You can help renew bodies, minds, hearts, and souls! You can help others find freedom--freedom in Christ, freedom with food, freedom in fitness, freedom you (and they) don't even know they need! Our body really holds on to some things. "Something happens as we move our bodies" and think on truth, talk about truth, and receive truth. We get to change our brains, let go of trauma, and renew our minds at the same time we are caring for our bodies--which we need while living and serving on this earth! I have learned about this in my counseling pursuit, through so many teachings with Revelation Wellness, and through this book. Our bodies are important! Our bodies carry things and "keep the score." So, being a fitness teacher, gospel preacher takes your gospel preaching to a different level, and you get to help others work things out of their bodies. Work out trauma, work in healing. Work out lies, work in truth. Work out bad news, work in Gospel. Work out the flesh, and work in the spiritual! It is SO MUCH MORE than a workout!


And, guess what?!?!?!

YOU can become a fitness teacher gospel preacher too!

You can find out information and hear many testimonies--I bet at least one will resonate with you! Check out They have enrollment advisors that are so kind, gentle, and encouraging that will answer all your questions--way better than I could! If you download a packet or contact an enrollment advisor you are not making a commitment--you are just learning more about this. I promise, one thing that is very true of Revelation Wellness is they will never ask you to do something the Lord is not asking you to do! They will always encourage you to be obedient to Him--first and always.

NOW is such a great time to become an instructor--no matter where you are living, this is the first time the entire training process is 100% virtual! AND, the training is 50% off! Because of the pandemic and limitations, this could be the only virtual retreat and the only time it is at such a low rate--jump on it! This might be a very good blessing the Lord wants to give you during this wild time!

Don't want to be a fitness teacher?!?!? No problem--hopefully you have heard by now that during my training I was set free in other areas. Had I never taught a fitness class or recorded a workout video--that was more than enough! I am now a free WOMAN, walking in glorious freedom, and it affects everything--my work, my roles, my boldness, my joy! You may be called to do training for your own personal freedom! But this I know, once you are set free, you cannot but help getting crazy about setting others free!

And, if you are already in the work of setting others free--perhaps you live overseas and this is your full-time job as a field worker (ahem, Fitness for the Field Coworkers!!!). Or, maybe you work in places of poverty? or for a non-profit organization? prison ministry? sex trafficking? missions work? There are SO many options where you can add this training to the work you are already doing to help others even more! Consider becoming an ambassador--read about this opportunity here. My husband and I are proud to be Revelation Wellness Ambassadors, and we use this in our work--it is such a bonus, an amazing tool and resource, and a joy! It is my "GET TO!"

Let me know if you have any questions! I think this is such a good idea, and I highly recommend it. No age, no fitness level, no limitations at all on this training! See if it tugs your heart at all! Also, I'd love to pray with you and for you about this! Email me!

And, last, but not least. Here is my favorite Revelation Wellness video:

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