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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

What exactly is Workout & Engage?

1. Free Workouts--available through Fitness for the Field

  • Some of my best workouts & our best messages

  • The messages share the Gospel from Creation to Christ and some of our other favorite messages that address body image, change, discipline, & more!

2. A guide with questions for you to use to engage with your neighbors & friends.

  • The guide also helps you prepare for the workouts by letting you know what exercises you will be doing and what equipment you will need.

  • There are also a few recipes for you to use if you would like to make some treats to enjoy while you do the questions!


I love using fitness as a tool to share the Gospel, and I have created "Workout & Engage" for you to have a tool so you can do the same!

  • Invite a friend over.

  • Push play on a workout video.

  • Hang out afterward and discuss the message of the workout.

  • You can use the Guide if you want a guided conversation or questions!


If you haven't checked it out yet, please do check out the FREE WORKOUTS at

I also hope and pray that anyone that comes to Fitness for the Field will do these free workouts and have the opportunity to hear the Gospel & these messages. Would you please continue to pray for people to come to faith through Fitness for the Field!

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